Never Argue A Religious Parrot

I’m not religious

The so-called religious people who claim that their religion is best and others’ are lower than their are not truly religious people. The ‘fake religious men’ are everywhere, in all ‘sampraday’ or communities – Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jews, Jain, Buddist and many other. The true religious person will never indulge in such conversation, debate or argument.

The religious person in true sense will simply ignore since he knows that any amount of argument with a foolish man will not turn a foolish man in to wise or religious man.  A foolish or mad person never admits that he is foolish or mad.

The very basic fact, which many of us do not understand, is that Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikkhism, Jainism, Buddhism etc are actually ‘Not Religions. They are simply traditions followed by different communities. Religion and religiousness is not something which can be understood collectively. It is not a movie which is watched in a theatre with a group of people.

Religious Multiplexes

Most people visit the  centres of worship and religion like going to watch the movies in theatres. Many religious centres today have developed like a grand air-conditioned multiplex fitted with dolby surround sound systems, cushioned chairs, beautiful interiors, and counters to sell cold drinks, snacks and eatables during the intervals.

Religion or religiousness is a very personal experience which Ram, Mohammed, Jesus, Nanak, Buddha, Mahaveer etc attained by walking upon their own paths. They did not follow anyone. Neither someone from their historical or mythological scriptures nor any pandits, fathers, maulanas, or religious gurus.

People are not courageous to walk their own paths. Walking upon one’s own path will involve life-time hardships and never ending difficulties like Ram, Mahaveer, Buddha, Nanak or Jesus faced during their journeys.

People are walking on the highways (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism) made and constructed by the past and present contractors called pandits, fathers, maulanas and religious gurus. There was a purpose behind constructing those highways.

Religious Goods & Services

The intelligent religious gurus know that people are lazy and coward. They can not work hard. But, they are ready to pay for anything. Like any other product or service, people would readily pay for becoming religious also. The cunning gurus never ask devotees to read and understand scriptures themselves. Nor do they allow or encourage knowing the teachings and values written in religious books of other religions. They know if people would make their own healthy meals at home then they would stop coming to their air conditioned restaurants to eat and enjoy unhealthy junk food.

Islamic goat & sheep Vs Hindu cows and bulls

The leaders in politics and religious communities need a herd or a flock of sheep and goat tofollow them blindly so that they may milk them, slaughter them for meat, wool and other needs. There is a great risk in allowing people to become truly religious. Since a true religious person or people will become and lion. A lion walks alone. He will no longer be a blind follower. The lion will arrange the meat as and when he feels hungry. The leaders in politics and religious communities can never tame a tiger or a lion. So whenever such individuals defy to become sheep or goat or meek cow, they either kill or cage them behind the bars.

Lions & Lioness in Reglion and Politics

The recent murder of a renowned journalist Gauri Lankesh in Banglore is just another example of a person who refused to become a meek cow or goat. How could she become one when she was a tigress? We see many such fearless lion and lioness falling victim to not surrendering to become a sheep, cow or goat before religious and political ‘contractors’.

Parrots in the temple, churches and mosques

Religion is an individual’s personal experience. It is exactly like eating an apple. Unless I eat an apple myself, I cannot understand its taste and benefits to my health. Mere repetition of words like a parrot will never make me healthy no matter I may keep on pronouncing throughout my life that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I will have to start eating the fruits each day for my words to become an experience and thus know personally that it is healthy to eat an apple.

You teach a parrot to say anything; he will repeat exactly the same. Most of us are religious parrots, sheep, goat, cows, bulls etc. The so-called religious people are parrots.

So, never argue a religious parrot.